Excellent Garments. Unforgettable Experience.

At Rex Bespoke we pride ourselves in creating garments that you will love. Our garments are crafted with the finest fabrics by expert tailors. We assure that you will not only love your look but feel like you're wearing a custom made piece. An outfit all your own. Every piece ordered will be made to your body's exact specifications, so no need to wonder if your size is available. At Rex Bespoke "You" is always in stock.

During consultation we'll explore options from threads to buttons giving you complete creative control of your garments or allow one of our stylists to create a look as unique as you are. Always thinking of the customer we've made our services the most accessible in the market.

Busy day at the office? We'll meet you between meetings.

Can't make it to a tailor? Create your look in the comfort of your home.

Our door to door service brings a whole new level of convenience making well fitted custom clothing accessible to everyone.

"I want to create pieces to make you feel like royalty."

Collie Solomon Jr


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